Removals in South Wales Made Easy

As you might have already guessed, moving can hurt. Constantly twisting, turning and bending down to pick up an endless amount of boxes, toting mattresses and lifting recliners and love-seats can be gruelling and laborious work. Once the day is over, it can seem as if every muscle in your body is aching. And at this point, all you want to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your new space.

But going beyond the lifting of cardboard boxes filled with heavy books and dishes, and the wide range of heavy furniture pieces, are specific items that are particularly hard to move — just about impossible. In truth, they present such a challenge for your removals in South Wales that they truly require proper planning and preparation. Some items may require enlisting the help of a moving professional. Here’s some information on some of the hardest items to move and what you can do to make the transition easier.

How to Properly Move Televisions

Televisions are getting larger and larger by the moment. And without certain care, the screens can be damaged irreparably. In some cases, you can simply wrap your television in a thick blanket and carry it to your new home. In other instances, the TV can be carefully placed in a box and packed in the same ways as other items. Always detach all cables before packing or moving the TV and pack tightly to prevent shifting. When using a blanket, spread it onto the floor directly in front of the television. Put the TV on top of the blanket, face up. Wrap it and secure the blanket in place with tape.

How to Properly Move a Piano

Pianos are probably the most difficult of all items to move. They are peculiarly shaped, too heavy to be moved by one person and can be really difficult to move through the doors of your new home. If you are already aware that moving your piano into your new home is going to be particularly challenging, hiring professional movers may be the key. Hired professionals who specialise in removals in South Wales may have access to cranes or a piano dolly that could hoist your piano through an open window easily.

How to Properly Move an Aquarium and Fish

If you would like to move an aquarium that is already full of fish, then moving can present a real challenge. Unfortunately, fish often are unable to survive the constant movement and radical temperature changes that accompany a move. Although some would recommend that you either sell or give your fish away, there is an alternative.

You can purchase a holding container for your fish. What’s more, instead of draining the tank completely, keep some of the water so that you are able to transfer the same bacteria colony as you start to put the aquarium back together. Preserve aquarium plants in a bag with some of the aquarium water. Also use a chemical-free container to store your filter.


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