Roofing Contractors in Lexington, KY Can Work in Cold Weather

November is a month of transition. Although it’s firmly in the middle of fall, a Kentucky November can sometimes feel more like winter. It’s just as common to see snow on Thanksgiving as it is to see it on Christmas, and the cold weather may make it hard to get things done. Below are some tips for and information on cold-weather roofing repairs and maintenance.

What do Roofers Consider Cold?

The term “cold” is remarkably vague, as everyone has a different tolerance to temperatures. A cold day may be defined as anything under 10 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees Fahrenheit, as that’s the threshold at which roofing equipment and roofing contractors in Lexington KY begin to behave differently. At and below these temperatures, safety precautions are crucial.

Snow Covers a Multitude of Risks

In Kentucky, there’s a chance the roof will be covered with snow during a cold snap. Snow creates a variety of safety hazards apart from a slippery roof and covers damaged shingles, fallen branches, and other debris. It also covers skylights as well, making rooftop repairs doubly risky for property owners or contractors.

Roofing Materials Behave Differently in the Cold

Certain roofing materials act differently when it’s cold. For instance, asphalt shingles become brittle, making them very difficult to work with. One way to prevent these shingles from cracking is to keep them in a warm place until they are ready for use. The experts recommend keeping them between 40 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Equipment such as nail guns are known to malfunction in the cold, and they must be handled carefully as well. Local roofing contractors know the area’s climate and they’ll take precautions to keep themselves, their materials, and their equipment safe.

Count on the Experts for Safe, Effective Roof Repairs

Because of the complications and risks that come with wintertime roofing repair, it’s best for homeowners to avoid taking the risk themselves. Roofing is dangerous work, and it’s even more so for those who are inexperienced. Leave the job to Roofing Contractors in Lexington KY. Visit us for more information or call today to schedule an estimate.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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