Senior Living and Ways to Find Great Senior Living Communities

With more than 5000+ senior living options, Florida is America’s go-to state for senior living. The geographically rich state is an ideal destination for seniors on the hunt of pleasant weather and lots of sunshine round the clock. The following tips are helpful in finding senior living communities in Florida.

Find the Right Amenities

The needs and interests of seniors change over the course of time. While young people love to live in close proximity to bars, clubs, and cafes, the seniors look out for amenities that assist their physical and mental needs. The right amenities for seniors include a gym that offers senior assistance, therapy and massage centers, library, 24/7 transportation, salon, grocery store, and cinema.


The security of a senior community should not only be based on technological assistance but it should also offer round the clock human assistance. Technological assistance includes CCTV cameras, smoke detectors, emergency call centers, handrails on streets and roads, and fully controlled signals, and the human aspect includes an adequate number of staff members to meet the needs of the seniors living in the facility.

Social Activity

The senior living communities in Florida modify the infrastructure to incorporate social activity in the routine life of their residents. The seniors can share a hearty meal while enjoying social interaction with their peers. Book cafes, libraries, and senior games like board games are necessary attractions of senior communities.

Cost of Living

The Genworth Financial Survey reveals that a senior couple requires at least $3,300/month to afford a private apartment in a senior community. However, if you earn less than $12,000/annum, you can qualify for National Medicaid Program. The section 8 and section 202 of US Department of Housing and Urban Development provides rental assistance in this regard.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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