Services that an Oral Surgeon can Provide

Patients who experience dental pain understand that it can be some of the most severe pain in the world. If you’re living with pain caused by your wisdom teeth coming in incorrectly, a cracked or damaged tooth, teeth grinding, or your jaw being misaligned, a profewssional oral surgeon may be able to help you.

After an initial evaluation, the surgeon will schedule and in or out patient surgical procedure to correct the oral issues you’re experiencing, you can begin to heal and experience reduced pain levels.

An oral surgeon can assist with the following:

Removal of the Wisdom Teeth

If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain, they may be impacted or coming into your mouth incorrectly. An Oral Surgeon Kittanning, PA may be able to help make you more comfortable by removing your wisdom teeth. The process will vary depending on how the teeth are growing in your mouth, but may involve a simple surgical procedure.

The surgeon will extract your wisdom teeth through small incisions in your gums, close these incisions, and provide you with antibiotics and pain medicine to take while your gums heal. After the incisions in your gums heal, you’ll notice that the pain you were experiencing from your wisdom teeth growing incorrectly and pushing on your other teeth has completely disappeared.

Dental Implant Installation

If you have missing teeth or teeth that are severely damaged, having a root canal and then a crown may not be your only option, as it was in past. Instead, an oral surgeon can install a dental implant — an artificial tooth that looks, feels,and functions like a new, healthy tooth. Dental implants function extremely well, and allow you to enjoy your favorite foods again, speak clearly, and much more.

TMJ Correction

Patients who’ve experienced the pain of TMJ understand just how badly it can hurt. An oral surgeon can work with you to correct the alighment of your jaw and its connecting tissue, in an effort to help relieve the pain you are currently experiencing. After the surgery, the pain that you’re currently feeling, as well as the tension, headaches, and teeth grinding that often occur with TMJ, should be significantly reduced.

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