Signs You Need Eave Repair in Monroe, MI

Eaves play a crucial role in protecting your exterior walls. They hang slightly over the top of the walls, ensuring any water that falls off of them rolls away from the walls, instead of falling directly onto the walls. But, over time, these eaves become damaged by rain and water. When this happens, Professional Eave Repair in Monroe, MI is needed to ensure the eaves can function as they are designed to. Here are some of the signs that your eaves need to be repaired.

The Eave Shows Signs of Water Damage:

One of the tell-tale signs that your eaves are in need of repair is showing signs of water damage. Eaves are composed of many different types of materials, including wood and aluminum. As such, the signs of damage will vary based on the material your eave is composed of. Aluminum eaves will rust, whereas wood eaves will rot.

Water is Falling Between the Eaves and the Roof:

Another one of the signs that you need Eave Repair in Monroe, MI is water falling between the eaves and the roof or siding, depending on where the eave is connected. There are a few reasons why this may happen. The eave could be pulling away from the side of the home, allowing water to fall between the siding and the eave, or the seam on the eave could be failing, allowing water to fall out of the eave. Either way, a professional needs to come out, determine what is causing the issue, and solve it, so water does not hit the exterior walls of your home.

The Eave is Pulling Away From the Side of the Home or the Roof:

The last sign that eave repair is needed is eaves pulling away from the siding or roof of your home. The most common reason eaves pull away is because they become filled with dirt, leaves and other debris, making them heavy. This causes them to pull. But they can also pull away due to age or rot. If you notice a gap between the eave and the material it is attached to, it is pulling away.

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