Simple Steps To Avoid Dealing With Broken Air Conditioning In Bloomington

It is hard to imagine life before air conditioning. While you can get some relief with ceiling fans and large room fans, there is nothing as miserable as dealing with broken air conditioning in Bloomington in the middle of the summer heat.

There are several basic types of air conditioning units that people in this area use. They can include the window unit, good for small rooms and supplemental air conditioning, central air conditioning as well as ductless air conditioning, a relatively new option to consider. There are also portable air conditioning units that can be moved from room to room.

Regardless of what type of system you use there will be upkeep and maintenance to prevent the very real possibility of broken air conditioning in Bloomington. Generally the maintenance can be very easy and, if you do some of it yourself, you can have a HVAC technician come in one a year, usually in the spring, to just ensure the system is up and running.

Clean and Replace Filters

By cleaning or replacing filters before the first use and regularly as needed throughout the warm weather you can help to avoid broken air conditioning in Bloomington. This is because dirty filters make the motor and system work harder, leading to less cold air, higher energy use and more wear and tear on the unit as it has to run much longer to cool the air.

Clean the Housing

The housing is the metal vented box that holds the components of any type of air conditioning unit. For those systems that are permanently located outside keep dirt, leaves and grass away from the unit to allow maximum air flow. It is also a good idea to create some type of shade, but not from vegetation that will get into the unit, to keep the direct heat of the sun off of the unit.

Check all drains and make sure they are free from clogs to help prevent the need to repair broken air conditioning in Bloomington. If you notice a bad odor or puddles of water under the unit call a HVAC specialist to avoid potential damage and problems to the AC unit.

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