Simple Tips to Select Handbags for Women

The right handbag can be flattering and a conversation piece for any woman. It can complement an outfit just like a pair of shoes. Sometimes, women carry their handbags day in and day out for months without changing them. The right handbag becomes an essential accessory. Keeping it simple is always the best way. Here are several simple tips to select handbags for women:

1. Choose the size of bag that fit your needs. The bag you choose should not be small enough to be hidden or large enough to be overbearing.

2. The shape of a handbag should be opposite of the shape of the woman. If the woman has a short and curvy frame, the handbag should be squared and angular. If the woman is of a tall stature, then choose a bag that is rounded and bulky.

3. When it comes to the length of a handbag, the bag that sits at the waist level will be flattering to most shapes. When talking about where the handbag sits, it is referring to the bottom of the bag. If it ends at your hips, it will accentuate the smaller hips to look more feminine. The larger-hipped woman should have the bag sit at the waistline to provide a slimming effect.

4. When selecting handbags for women, the purpose of the handbag is very important. The need for compartments will be determined by the purpose of the bag. Will it be used every day for work or to carry a laptop? These are important factors because a handbag that looks gorgeous on the outside, but does not function on the inside will not be a good handbag.

Keeping these simple tips in mind will help you select handbags for women. Handbags are an accessory that women just cannot live without. Selecting the right hand bag is an investment. If you invest in a designer bag, there are other simple tips to consider. To be certain you purchase an authentic designer handbag, consider this:

1. Check the material. Most designer handbags are made from patent leather, leather, suede, or nylon.

2. Examine the interior of the bag. It should be durable as well as made of leather or thick cotton, silk, and/or nylon.  It will have a strong stitching and will not be able to be ripped.

3. When buying a bag with hardware, make sure the bag has plated brass. The snaps or zippers should close and open easily. The metal should be untarnished. If the metal is lightweight and hollow or looks like tin, it is most likely cheap and not authentic.

These are simple tips that will lead to making a good handbag selection for women.

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