Simple Ways That Property Managers Can Add Appeal to Rentals

First impressions are vital if property managers want to attract potential tenants to their properties. The appearance of the exterior of the home will make the potential tenant want to see more. If the outside looks like it has seen better days, then they most likely will not want to take a look inside. There are several things property managers can do to add appeal to their rentals.


The pathway leading to the front door should be visually appealing.  Property managers should stand across the street to get the view that quality home hunters will get from the street.  If the pathway is swarming with weeds or broken in many pieces, then it will not leave a good impression.  Sometimes stepping stones can be used to replace cracked pavement, or cement squares that fit tightly together are a cheap alternative that looks great as well

Paint and Added Touches

If the paint is chipped or faded, then get approval from the property owner to add a coat of paint.  Paint is relatively cheap, and it can really transform the appearance of a home.  You will most likely be able to get a higher rental rate out of a home that is aesthetically pleasing on the exterior, so it will be worth the cost of the upgrade.  New house numbers and neutral coloring is also important if you are trying to impress.


Everyone wants a nice outdoor area to host barbeques or just to relax in after a long day at work.  Plants, greenery, and flowers are all cost-effective ways to significantly improve the overall appearance of a home.  It gives the home extra curb appeal potential tenants will be drawn to.  Most real estate asset management companies have landscapers on staff, so this should be a quick fix solution to making the home look better.  A quality landscaper can build an outdoor lovers oasis for just a couple of hundred dollars in some cases, provided the yard is not overly large.

RPM Management in Little Rock is a high quality rental management agency that has plenty of skilled staff members that cover all areas relating to managing real estate.  They will be able to make older homes look better for a very low cost. With their extensive contacts in the industry, they are able to make significant improvements for less than their competitors.

RPM Management in Little Rock, Arkansas is one of the best rental management companies in the area.  They offer high quality property management services for both residential and commercial properties. Click here to Know More.

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