Social Security Disability In Bridgeview Needs An Attorney Experienced in Filing Social Security Claims

Social Security Disability Benefits are an entitlement if you cannot work, however, being an entitlement does not guarantee that you will receive these benefits. It is wise to consult with an attorney who is experienced in handling Social Security Disability claims, because he can help you avoid the known pitfalls of the filing process. However, this does not mean that you will automatically receive the benefits.

Many claims are denied the first time they are filed, but you can file a second time with more knowledge about what the claims examiner is looking for. The second filing may be denied also. If it is, then you need to retain an attorney experienced in Social Security Disability In Bridgeview.

He will review all of your medical records and the two denials to determine an approach to filing an appeal with an Administrative Law Judge which you are entitled to. This is a very informal process held in a conference room, and the judge does not wear a robe. In the Hearing, the judge will seek the facts regarding your medical condition and proof of your prognosis. It is important that you build a complete medical history including an evidence about your future potential for a complete recovery. Resolving a Social Security Disability In Bridgeview case requires evidence.

Your attorney may have a doctor testify who is acknowledged to be highly experienced in your injury. Your attorney may ask witnesses to your injury to testify, and he may look at the accident record of the company you worked for. He will gather all of the evidence he can to support your claim.
You may be asked to participate in a settlement discussion prior to the Hearing, and if you are, leave the decision to your attorney. Throughout the entire claim process, it is wise to say as little as possible without consulting with an attorney.

Statistics show that 83 percent of cases taken to Hearing are decided in favor of the claimant. The best results are achieved when the claimant has kept a thorough file on the accident or the disability, and every medical step which has been taken to resolve the disability.

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