Some Facts About Alcoholism And Alcohol Abuse In Florida

In the United States, approximately 8.5% of its citizens suffer from alcohol abuse or alcoholism.  In fact, very few in this nation can say they do not know someone who has or had a problem with alcohol. From personal experience and through exposure to documentaries, television drams and movies, we are well aware of the cost to the individuals, their family and friends. Many have ruined their careers and lost their partners because they let themselves drink too much and too often. Others have managed to escape, accepted their situation and sought help from one of the many alcohol rehab centers in Florida. Whether it is alcoholism or alcohol abuse, makes little difference at the time. Yet, it is important to identify and separate these two different types of problem drinking.

What is the Difference between Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse?

While alcoholism and alcohol abuse have similar characteristics, they are two different kinds of drinking problems.

  • Alcoholism – This is a form of physical addiction to drinking. It appears to take over all aspects of life. The individual, however, continues to drink in spite of overt indications of issues and concerns regarding physical and mental health. The person seems to ignore or be in denial about such things as employment responsibilities and family disturbances. In many cases, the only concern is alcohol.
  • Alcohol Abuse – This form of drinking problems does not involve actual physical addiction. It does, however, result in similar problems

Alcohol Abuse in the State of Florida

The state of Florida is characterized by above the national average when it comes to both drug and alcohol abuse. It has become a serious economic problem. The overall cost is reckoned at $21 billion. This is nothing to sneeze at. Yet, the financial price tag is not the only cost of alcohol abuse in Florida. Alcohol rehab centers in Florida note the overall expense affects the very fabric of society.

The Cost of Alcohol Abuse in Florida

When someone has a drinking problem, whether it is alcohol abuse or alcoholism, the cost to society can be high. The areas alcohol use influences are varied and include:

  • Injuries and fatalities resulting from traffic events
  • Burdens placed on the health care system from minor illnesses to major health problems such as liver and kidney failure


  • Impact upon children who may become placed in the child welfare system


  • Criminal justice system is negatively affected diverting money and forces when they could be better applied elsewhere

There is no doubt among the professionals of alcohol rehab centers in Florida and throughout the United States of the negative effects felt in the community from alcohol. Family members and friends concur. This problem is not going to go away anytime soon. Yet, it is the responsibility of everyone to do what they can to help alcoholics help themselves.

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