Some important points to note before hiring a yellow cab

Several cities in the United States have stringent laws pertaining to vehicles which are meant for public transport. These laws are enacted to protect passengers’ rights as well as that of the other vehicles plying on the road. If an unregistered taxi is caught running on the streets and roads of busy cities like Norwalk, Whittier, Cerritos, Downey in LA county, legal action will be taken against the driver as well as the owner of the vehicle. Further, if an unregistered taxi is involved in an accident, then the owner of the vehicle as well as the person behind the steering wheel can face an extended period of legal custody, once the crime is proved. Hence, there is maximum risk involved if you get into a taxi which doesn’t have a valid registration or license. On the other hand, calling a yellow cab from a reputed cab company would never land you in such a situation.

Here are some important things that you should note while hiring a yellow cab in LA county.

* Verify the driving license of the cab driver

Although asking the driver to show his/her driving license may not be courteous, but in order to be on the safer side, it is recommended that before you get into cabs, ask drivers to show their driver’s license. Moreover, driving without a license is counted as a serious traffic offense in LA county. If the cab gets involved in an accident and you get injured in the process, you may not get the compensations/insurance cover if the cab driver has no valid license to show.

* Verify the vehicle’s registration number

Yellow cabs most often display their respective registration numbers on the body of the vehicle. These are either painted on the sides of the vehicle or as stickers on the windscreen. It is highly advised for passengers to check the registration number of the vehicle prior to boarding. Besides, the cab must be registered with the local motor vehicle authority of the respective county.

* Make sure that the cab has a properly functioning meter

It is not unusual to find cabs running on the roads with faulty meters. Getting into a cab with a tampered/ faulty meter would cost you dearly! In such case that you notice the meter is tampered, bring it to the notice of the driver. If you find that the driver is not cooperative, get off the vehicle and call traffic patrol for assistance.

Take a note of the above points while hiring a yellow cab. Cerritos has many trusted cab companies. It is better to call up a reputed taxi rental company and book your cab over telephone/by texting the agency to enjoy a fast and tension free ride.

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