Some of the Best Materials That Can Be Used in Outdoor Furniture

When shopping for outdoor furniture, people look for the same qualities in outdoor furniture that they would in indoor furniture – quality, style, and a match for your decor. However, the most important consideration in outdoor furniture is the material it’s made from. Since the furniture will be exposed to all types of weather and seasons, you’ll need to get something that can handle all these elements. Your outdoor dining chairs need extra consideration since they’ll also go through the task of being put under pressure over and over from people sitting in them. Here are some of the best materials for outdoor furniture.



A premium wood that is strong, resists warping, repels water and insects, and lasts for up to 50 years. Great for outdoor dining chairs. It’s very expensive.

Powder-coated Aluminum

Powder-coated aluminum is durable, lightweight, and resistant to rust. You can also find it in several different colors.


Acrylic Fabric

It’s a soft, solution-dyed fabric so it won’t fade. It’s flexible, stays cool in hot weather, and is easy to clean. It’s also mildew-resistant and water-resistant.


Polyolefin is a durable and fade-resistant coating for outdoor furniture.

Open Cell Foam

It dries quickly, stays cool, and is resistant to mold/mildew.


There are quite a few materials that would be great for outdoor furniture. These listed above are just for starters. TB Contract Furniture can go over an extensive list of the best outdoor furniture materials. Find out more at

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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