Special Insurance needs for your Winery

The Business Insurance Traverse City, MI wineries need is different than those of other businesses. There are some very important points you may want to look into to make sure you have full coverage for your winery or vineyard.

Business Growth

Many wineries and businesses in general do not ensure their Business Insurance Traverse City, MI continues to grow as their business experiences growth and change. Some of the most common areas neglected by wineries and vineyards include general growth in the amount of employees on the payroll, the purchase of new equipment and an increase in production. Keep in mind that in the case of production increases this means you have a larger inventory on hand. Should damages occur you stand to lose this inventory if you are not increasing your coverage. Your current policy may not cover any of these changes and failure to add them to your Business Insurance Traverse City, MI policy could be devastating.

Communication is Key

Whenever you make a change in your business you should make sure that speaking to your insurance agent is on your list of things to do. You may think it is a small change such as adding a line of jams or condiments to your wines, the addition of making your own wine instead of just selling your grapes to other wineries or the addition of an onsite shop to your winery. All of these changes will make a significant difference to your Business Insurance Traverse City, MI policy. You want to arrange for further coverage as soon as you experience any changes.

Offsite Insurance

Another consideration is if your insurance covers you for offsite dealings. You may be using a crusher for your grapes or you may even be travelling in your own car to make deliveries. If this is the case you have to be certain you are covered. If you have found you require storage at a third party warehouse, you want to know you are covered, even if they provide some form of insurance. You should also be aware of accidents or damage to your grapes at the site of your crusher either prior to crushing or following crushing. These types of losses could put an entire batch of wine in jeopardy.

Johnson & Associates Insurance Inc., can help advise you on the best business insurance in Traverse City, MI wineries and vineyards required to protect your business, your employees and yourself. For more information visit Jaiinsurance.com

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