Steps to Follow When Carrying Out Bed Bug Removal in Minneapolis

Bedbugs are small but can make you toss and turn sleepless all night. They feed on mammal blood and can survive months after one feed. They are resilient animals and hard to eliminate without professional advice or help. Most people carry bedbugs in their luggage from vacations or unkempt hotel rooms. If you have a bedbug infestation, seek services from professional pest controllers on Bed Bug Removal in Minneapolis.

The first step towards their elimination is by knowing their hiding places. Bedbugs are commonly found behind wall hangings, on the edges of a carpet, on undersides of furniture like beds and night stands and inside the folds of curtains. They hide in the tiniest of places, some of which you cannot imagine. Some even hide in pillow cases and mattress edges waiting for a host to feed on. That is part of the reason you need an exterminator during this process.

Treatment begins with treating any fabric, mattress and clothing that has been infested. For mature bedbugs and their eggs to die, the items should be washed in very hot water of 110 degrees. The non washables can be put in a drier under the same temperature. It will take the bedbugs 20-30 minutes to completely die. Another option involves putting them in a closed, airtight polythene bag and put them in a freezer below 0 degrees. This process will take 2 to 3 weeks for the bugs and their eggs to die.

Mattresses are treated by enclosing them in a large airtight bag. The bedbugs in the mattress starve and die of hunger. For positive results the mattress is to be left like that for at least one year. Some people prefer disposing the mattress instead of having to go through the one year treatment which is not a sure way in case of openings before the bugs die.

With professional bed bug removal in Minneapolis, bugs are sprayed a very effective insecticide which penetrates to the deepest of their hiding places. Some are residual and they stay effective for months to come. Visible bedbugs can be sprayed hot dry steam which is a safe non-toxic bedbug killing method. For detailed information on bedbug removal and control, click here.

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