Surprising Treatment Options for Ankle Pain

If you suffer from pain in the feet and ankles, you may believe your only options for relief are getting off your feet and swallowing a handful of pain relievers. With American healthcare taking an increasing turn toward the holistic and whole-body techniques, there are far more ankle pain treatment options than you may think. Here are just a few that don’t involve a single dose of Tylenol.

Stay Home

Propping your feet up is a good way to get temporary relief from the pain of stress on your joints, but if the discomfort persists while you relax, try these easy, at-home options for further relief.

  • Ice it. Apply ice to the area for a reduction in both pain and swelling. If you want an ice pack that is easy to manipulate and apply, freeze one-part water and one-part rubbing alcohol in a double-layered plastic freezer bag.
  • Wrap it. Sometimes our joints just need a little extra support. Apply a specialty wrap to your ankle to provide this supplemental support during regular, daily activities.
  • Adjust your routine. While you don’t have to live a life entirely off your feet, it is a good idea to take a break once in a while to rest your joints if they’re causing you pain. A few minutes between errands to elevate your ankles and take the pressure off will do wonders for the busy weekend warrior who just never seems to find time to slow down.

Get Physical

A great option for those suffering from both acute and chronic instances of ankle pain is to work through the problem with stretches and light, appropriate exercises. Typically, these are conducted with the guidance or in the presence of a physical therapist or another specialist. These providers can help you move past your pain – literally – and on to a better, more comfortable life.

Looking for ankle pain treatment options near Oakbrook Terrace, IL? Contact your local pain management and regenerative medicine specialist for an exhaustive list of your options, as well as information on which might be the best approach for you.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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