Swabbing the Decking in your Own Back Yard

Making changes to the outdoors of your home can not only look great but also add aesthetic and monetary value to your home. Many gardens can benefit from adding wooden decking to create an outdoor seating and dining area. It is not an overly complex project but if you intend to undertake it yourself you should probably do plenty research and possibly enlist the help of someone who has previous experience.

First you have to choose which style of decking you want, as in anti-slip, softwood, hard wood, double sided, single sided, and so on. You will also need framework, balustrades, railings, boards, all the hardware and bolts, as well as levels, marking string, and all the tools associated with building your own decking. It’s not a simple job but it can be done.

There are also various styles of components as well as different types of materials and woods. For instance, you can use rope—manila rope—instead of wood spindles, although it is not always advised if the decking is higher up and there will be children on it. Different style of balustrades can also add character to your decking, as well as the stains and treatments that you can use. You don’t have to stick with wood stain, although you will need preservatives to protect your wooden decking. You can opt for paint too, but many people prefer wood stain.

Decking as a Beneficial Feature on your Home’s Exterior

As stated, decking can add serious monetary value to your home. Your garden is an exterior room that can be fully utilized during the summer months. Ok, there is always a debate as to whether you can benefit from decking in Bristol, compared to somewhere less rainy around the country, but even so, most parts of the south and south west still get some sunshine. At worst it makes for good plant growth, so even if you put decking down and don’t get to use it as often as you would like you can put up tarp or a tent and go out there. Other, more dry parts of the United Kingdom will benefit from more sunshine and therefore more days outside enjoying your amazing newly built decking.

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