Taking Care of your Home Air Conditioning

Florida is one of the States where an air conditioning unit is a vital appliance. The State’s humid climate see summer temperatures average around ninety degrees and even in the winter they are in the mid to late fifties and sixties. The first rule of keeping a home air conditioning and heating system in top condition is to maintain it correctly. This usually requires the services of an air conditioning specialist company who can come out and service your air conditioning and heating system at least once a year, occasionally twice.

What is Recommended?

Most manufacturers of air conditioning and heating appliances will recommend certain types of regular maintenance that should be undertaken in order to prevent problems. It is kind of like taking your vehicle for a tune-up but in this case the mechanic comes to you. Your air conditioning and heating system should have the condenser coil checked and cleaned, the evaporator coil cleaned and checked as well as the filters, the drain and the lubrication of all and any moving parts. Also, it is important that the entire unit is cleaned and treated for any algae growth.

Residential and commercial differences

There are differences in the systems of homes compared to industrial versions of air conditioning and heating systems used in places such as offices and hospitals. Not only is the manufacturing different but the sheer size of the units in comparison are huge. Many hospitals have a trusted A/C contractor in St. Petersburg or other Florida city to come in at regular intervals to service and maintain the integrated systems in their building.

Costs and Services Available

Generally speaking most companies will charge a fixed rate for maintenance services on air conditioning and heating systems. It is usually possible to get a company to maintain your system regardless of whether it is still in warranty or not, but you will be advised that there is a service charge to pay. This amount can vary but is usually around the sixty to eighty dollar price range for a diagnostic test. If you purchase your A/C from a company who offers a warranty, check how long your warranty lasts, just in case you can obtain a free call out from the company.

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