Taking Good Care of your Car

by | Nov 1, 2013 | Automotive

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There is a lot more to taking care of a car than putting fuel in it; without routine oil changes and lubrication it will not take long before the car begins to fail. A car owner must be aware of the level of the various fluids; brakes, radiator and steering as well as the condition of the front wheel alignment in Mount Vernon WA.

Many people don’t give much thought to the tires on their car, if they get a puncture, the repair it, if the air pressure appears low, the add air, but often that is the extent of it. Yes, punctures do occur but they are rare compared to other hazards, especially bumps and pot holes. While driving, it is almost impossible not to hit holes and bumps and every time one is hit there is an effect on the alignment of the wheels. When the cars wheel alignment in Mount Vernon WA is out, there are immediate repercussions on the tires and a reduction in fuel economy.


When tires are not parallel and running straight with the road there are differences in the forces that are put into the tires, they have a tendency to fight one another and when this happens, the friction between the road surface and the tire increases considerably. The result is that the engine must work harder to maintain the same speed. The result is higher fuel consumption, the MPG drops. Not only will properly aligned wheels increase the fuel efficiency of the car, the less fuel you burn the less harm done to the environment.


Maintaining the correct wheel alignment is extremely important when it comes to tire wear and tire life. There is no contest between the cost of alignment and the cost of new tires, alignment will win every time. Because of the increased friction, depending on whether the tires are toeing in or toeing out, one side of the tire will wear much quicker than the other. This is a dangerous situation as bald tires are of little good when trying to stop on wet or snow covered roads.

If you feel that your car is pulling in one direction, it is time to get the wheels aligned, you will save time and increase safety.

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