The Four Main Types of Fishing Lures

by | Sep 7, 2013 | Fishing

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If you are a new fisherman, you may be surprised that all fishing lures are not made the same. In fact, there are four main types of fishing lures in California, CA fishermen use these types of lures to target specific types of fish. For example, you will want to use a crankbait if you are fishing for bass as it is one of the best lures to use. Knowing a bit about the different lures out there will easily help you to become a more knowledgeable fisherman and help you reel in your next big fish.


As their name suggests, spoons are a type of fishing lures in California, CA that looks like the main part of a spoon. Typically they are attached to a three pronged hook and used when fishing near the surface. The spoon works by catching the light of the sun and reflecting it into the water. Trout and bass are typically attracted to the spoon and will attack when they see it, thinking it is light shining off of another fish.


Spinners are another type of lure. These work by actually spinning in the water, just as the name suggests. As they spin, they produce a vibration in the water that attracts fish. A spinner can work well to catch a variety of fish including trout and walleye, specifically.


Another type of lure that is commonly found in tackle boxes is the crankbait. This bait is designed to look like a minnow and has hooks running up and down its length. Typically the number of hooks depends on the size of the lure, but most have at least two. Crankbaits are extremely diverse so you can find them in a huge range of colors and even make your own with easy to use crankbait kits.


Finally, you will find that jigs are commonly found in tackle boxes as well. A jig is essentially a lead weight that has a hook on it. That hook is typically baited with a night crawler or other type of bait in order to lure fish to the jig.

If you are looking for lures of any kind, you can typically find it at your local tackle shop. However, you can save a lot of money by making your own, as well, but buying a lure making kit.

Do you want to make your own fishing lures in California, CA based Lure construction has kits for very affordable prices.

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