The Importance Of Family Dentistry in Gig Harbor

Most Americans might not want to admit that they don’t care for their teeth as best as they should, but it can be difficult to hide it. People who don’t brush and floss regularly often have teeth that look very dingy and unattractive. This is precisely why it’s important for families to come together and make it a priority to promote healthy dental hygiene.

Most dental experts agree that children whose parents have poor dental habits will likely have dental problems in the future. Why? Parents are unknowing passing down their poor dental habits to their children. Parents who don’t brush and floss as they should will have children who do the same. If parents refrain from visiting the dentist regularly, there’s a good chance their children will also refrain from making visits to the dentist office as they get older. Investing in the Family dentistry Gig Harbor has available will help to pass good habits down to impressionable children.

Do you have a toddler or newborn baby? Most dentists agree that instilling proper hygiene habits at a young age is a very effective way of making sure your child has healthy teeth as they get older. Parents are often surprised to find out how susceptible young children are to dental complications. It’s not uncommon for 9 or 10 month old infants to develop cavities. Cavities are often brought on by bacterial infections, and the root cause of these infections is infrequent cleaning after feeding. Dentists in Family dentistry in Gig Harbor has available often recommend that parents wipe out their children’s mouths after feeding them. By not doing so bacteria has a chance to form from the milk residue left behind.

Talk to your family dentist regular about methods that can be used to keep your family’s teeth clean and healthy. Brushing can begin as soon as your infant’s first tooth emerges. There are special brushes for infants that use delicate bristles to clean their teeth and gums. As they get older make it a point to emphasize the importance of seeing the dentist. Constant encouragement will help them grow strong and healthy teeth as they become adults.


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