The Importance of Hiring a DUI Lawyer in Kansas City

Each state has its own laws that regulate how charges for driving under the influence (DUI) are handled. These laws have become stricter over the past few years and in Kansas City, Kansas even a first offense can do more than just get your licensed suspended. You could land in jail, do community service, pay huge fines, submit to a mandatory drug and alcohol treatment program that you have to pay for, and other consequences depending on the circumstances. Forth convictions and above are considered felonies which come with even harsher punishment. A DUI Lawyer in Kansas City may be able to help you get those charges dismissed or the sentence reduced. The following will cover why it is so important to have a lawyer on your side in DUI cases.

Violations of Your Rights

One of the first things a lawyer does after taking a DUI case is to find out if the arrest was by the book and if your constitutional rights were violated at any point in time before charges are even filed. If your rights were somehow violated there may be no charges and nothing will come of the case. If you were drinking, this should alert you to the close call you experienced and cause you to make some changes in your lifestyle.

Prepares You for Court

If your case winds up in court where you must face a judge and/or jury, then you need to be prepared for what is to come. Your lawyer will tell you how the process works, what to expect, and how he or she is planning to defend you. It is crucial that you do exactly what your lawyer tells you in court if you want the best results possible for your case.

Your DUI Lawyer in Kansas City, Kansas builds a defense for you based on facts that come from your side of the story, the police records, your driving record, any previous criminal records, and witnesses where applicable. It is imperative that you are honest and forthcoming with your attorney in order to enjoy the benefits of qualify representation. Visit Website to find out more about DUI representation and your rights.

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