The Importance of Prompt Replacement Roofs in Colorado Springs CO

While it is virtually inevitable that every homeowner that lives in a house for many years will have to repair and/or replace their roof. Roofing can get old and worn out or be damaged by severe wind and weather. Regardless of why you need Replacement Roofs in Colorado Springs, CO, you need to understand the importance of taking care of it right away. The following will cover why it is important to take care of all your roofing issues as soon as you notice them.

Leaking Roof

Costly water damage repairs that are caused by the leaks that come from a compromised roof is higher than the cost of roof replacement. You may see roof replacement as a costly home improvement, but it is an investment in the protection of your home.

Algae or Moss Growth

If you notice your roof has moss or algae (look for green grassy looking stuff) on it, the risk of your roof being compromised is increased. Moss has a root system that can damage roofing shingles by getting between them and causing them to separate leaving the roof vulnerable. While some cases of algae or moss growth can be remedied with a cleaning, excessive growth will require a roof replacement.

Dark Spots on Shingles

If you see dark spots forming on your shingled roof, it is a sign that the granules used to protect the asphalt shingles are being broken down by the elements like the sun, rain, wind, and other weather conditions. This leaves your roof brittle and less able to protect your home.

Water Spots in the Attic

If you happen to be in your attic area and notice dark spots, you are probably seeing water spots. This is a danger sign that your roof needs to be looked at by a professional roofer. Replacement Roofs in Colorado Springs, CO are often needed when your attic has water spots.

As soon as you notice any of these issues on your roof, call a roofer to look at it. You may not have to have a full roof replacement, but if you do, they will work it out with you in most cases. Roof Damage can lead to home damage which costs more than fixing or replacing your roof. It is important to contact a roofing contractor like Blue Eagle Roofing & Construction to examine, evaluate, and provide you with an estimate for your roof.

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