The many benefits of fast drying hand dryers

The paper towel industry is of the opinion that their products are the best solution for drying hands in public washrooms. The manufacturers of electric hand dryers don’t agree, they believe fast drying hand dryers are the superior option. Hand dryer manufacturers can point to a number of real benefits of installing electric hand dryers, benefits that cannot be matched by paper towels.


You can let the numbers speak for themselves; it takes approximately 7000 gallons of water and close to 20 trees to produce one ton of paper towels, not only is paper production extremely hard on the environment, it also takes hundreds of gallons of non-renewable fuel as well.

Trees, water and fuel are not the end of the problem, paper towels are used once and thrown away; this results in a phenomenal amount of waste. Recycled paper may be used n the production of paper towels but once they have been used they must be disposed of and unfortunately most waste ends up in overstretched landfills.

Fast drying hand dryers are environmentally friendly.

Wash room management:

When fast drying hand dryers are installed there are many benefits, including:

  • Never run out of stock which is often the case when paper towels are supplied
  • Never have to be concerned with keeping towel dispensers filled
  • No waste paper towel receptacles to empty, and
  • No need for inventory

Building managers also face other issues. Vandals often use paper towels to block toilets, sinks and urinals. The installation of fast drying hand dryers eliminates the problem, keeps the cost of janitorial staff down and perhaps most importantly, ensures that the washroom is kept hygienic.

Energy efficient “no touch” fast drying hand dryers are far less costly to operate and are instrumental in fighting the spread of bacteria. Click here to know more.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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