The Perfection of Dental Crowns

When you are looking for the best possible cosmetic dental treatment to improve the look of your smile, dental crowns will provide the most natural look and feel. A dental clinic St. Paul MN patients use will provide you the assessment and cosmetic dental procedures you need to have the crowns you want to perfect the look of your smile.


Comfortable, Natural Teeth

Crowns will provide not only the most natural looking teeth, but the most natural feeling teeth as well. They will come the closest to providing the bite of your natural teeth while repairing just about any imperfection you might have from replacing missing teeth to covering up severely discolored or malformed teeth. Crowns in porcelain will give you the appearance of natural teeth and are designed to match the color and shape of your natural teeth.

Dental Crowns Offer Many Purposes

Unlike most other cosmetic treatments crowns can provide a restorative, replacement and cosmetic purpose. They are used to cap a tooth in which a root canal or exceptionally large filling is required and can also be used to replace a single tooth or a string of missing teeth. Crowns are also known as caps, as they are placed over your existing teeth to cover up your existing imperfections. Gaps, misalignments, chips and discolorations are easily hidden with natural looking crowns.

How Crowns are Inserted

Because crowns offer one of the most permanent and natural looks and feels they also take a little longer to prepare and insert. There are several stages including the shaping of your existing teeth to allow for the crowns to be inserted. Dental impressions are taken by your dentist who has you bite into a soft material from which a model of your teeth will be made. The model is used by the dental lab during the crafting of your new crowns. During the reshaping of your teeth you will require a local anesthetic to avoid discomfort and a temporary crown will be inserted until your new crowns are returned from the lab. When your new crowns arrive the dental clinic St. Paul MN uses for crowns will check them for fit and color. Adjustments will be made and then your crowns will be secured in place. You will then have a natural look and fit for your new crowns to enjoy for life.

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