The Pleasure of Clean Carpets

Dust mites, allergens, ground in dirt, stains and many other additions to your carpets can take away the fresh and clean scent and appearance of them over the years. When we first install new carpet we can smell the familiar freshness and new carpet smell that we all come to recognize. However, after a few months the scent starts to fade, the colors start to dull and there are usually some signs of wear and use, especially in a home with pets or children.

As we know pets can drag all sorts of grime through our homes, from the garden, the yard, the street, other pets and other places. It can be even more pronounced during winter months when the ground outside is more likely to be wet, snowy, and more dirty than during summer. Summer is when our pets are more likely to bring in even more dirt that can stain our carpets and make them look shabby and old.

Methodology of Carpet Cleaning

There are two usual methods of cleaning carpets, one of which is steam cleaning and other is hot water extraction. Using the hot water method is generally done by diluting a cleaning solution into the hot water, which is then ‘vacuumed’ through the carpet and extracted back into a reservoir. One of the main issues with the results of hot water cleaning is that the residue can actually attract fresh dirt from shoes coming onto the carpet before it is fully dried. Also, many people have allergies to the chemicals used to clean carpets and therefore it is not always the most preferable method. However, with that said, steam cleaning—the other option—is often a preferred and quicker method of cleaning and drying the carpet. Technically speaking there is little difference between hot water extraction and steam cleaning because both methods use hot water which generates steam. Some steam cleaning can damage man-made carpet fibers, however, because of their delicate structure. Nylon can be specifically difficult in some cases and carpet cleaning in Lyden, WA always requires equipment than can offer the best cleaning experience as well as the safest cleaning for the particular carpet installed. The cleaning needs to be thorough and last for a while after completion. However, of course there is no accounting for the owner’s carelessness, but it should be a professional job. View website for more details.

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