The Popularity of Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

In most industrial buildings from processing, manufacturing and fabrication facilities to warehouses and production lines, you will find epoxy floor coating in place. There is no question that the flooring offers a great aesthetic look and can be installed to create patterns, designs or even to provide a granite or marble type look to the flooring.

The reason that industrial epoxy floor coating is so popular is not just its looks. This is also extremely durable flooring that is designed to stand up to chemical spills, heavy wear and tear and the movement of equipment and machines. Different types of epoxy coatings are designed for different areas and various concerns. With this variety of options, it will be easy to find the quality and type of epoxy that will offer a long-lasting, versatile flooring option.

Designed for Concrete

Unlike some floor coatings, industrial epoxy floor coating from top manufacturers is specifically designed for use with concrete. The coating is applied directly to the prepared, cured concrete surface. The coating is applied in one or more coats depending on the specific product and the flooring requirements.

After the epoxy coating has been applied and has dried, it creates a seal. This prevents chemicals, moisture or spills from getting into the pores in the concrete and creating stains or eroding and softening the concrete.

Options to Consider

For different buildings and areas, industrial epoxy floor coating can offer a variety of options that go above and beyond providing quality flooring. Anti-skid surfaces that are slightly textured add to safety in the workplace.

Highly gloss surfaces are also an option. These are ideal where brightness is required, particularly in industrial processing facilities. The gloss on the surface reflects rather than absorbs light, plus these surfaces are very easy to clean and maintain.

There are also epoxy coatings for industrial floors that can be used to fill in surface irregularities to make even an older concrete floor look like new. This adds to the durability of the floor while giving an old facility a completely new look.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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