The role of a Social Security Attorney in Orange County, NY

Retired people and the disabled are eligible to benefit from social security.

A social security lawyer understands all rules and regulations pertaining to the claims process. You hire a Social Security Attorney in Orange County, NY when applying for disability benefits. If you apply for benefits and you are denied, you use the help of an attorney to help you make an appeal.

Most people find the process of filing for social security benefits long and frustrating. An attorney helps ease the burden for you by increasing chances for a favorable outcome. You could have a strong social security disability case but still be denied the benefits, especially when struggling alone. You need an attorney who understands the claim process thoroughly.

An individual has to prove that he/she is disabled to undertake any form of substantial work.

The applicants past work duties and medical records are thoroughly reviewed. This determines whether the person is in a position to work. A social security attorney helps gather all the relevant documentation needed when filing the claim. The attorney also advises the client on how to prove that he is indeed disabled so as to access the benefits.

In most instances, social security attorneys work with people who have been denied benefits. Some people often feel that they meet the social security criteria yet they are still denied benefits. Armed with a lawyer, you can have the administration review your claim.

In some instances, an administrative judge is involved to review your disability claim application. Where a judge is involved, an occupational expert is asked to act as a witness. He will outline the physical and mental abilities that are needed to perform a certain task. A medical expert could also testify and state whether the medical condition of a patient can hinder him from working.

If the judge turns down the disability claim, the social security attorney assists you further. The attorney files an appeal with the Social Security Appeals Council. Apparently, armed with an attorney, chances of getting compensated are escalated. Visit website for more information.






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