The Steps For Hiring A Domestic Violence Attorney

In the state of New York, domestic violence laws are identified through the intent to inflict harm. The only parties identified as victims in these cases are those who live with or have lived with the accused. This includes a spouse, romantic partner, child, or other family members. If you are a victim, you should consider Hiring Domestic Violence Attorney by contacting Zaloba Edward today.

Building a Case

The first step in building a case against any individual who is guilty of domestic violence is to file a report with local law enforcement. It is necessary that you press charges and do not change your mind at the trial date. This provides proof of these occurrences within the court system. This shows a history of the behavior should he or she tries to fight against you later.

After they are convicted of domestic violence, you can get an order of protection, which criminalizing several concepts. This includes visiting your home, work, or any areas in which he or she knows you will visit. It also prohibits them from contacting you through all known methods. This includes email and text messaging in addition to calling.

Acquiring the Order of Protection

The steps needed to acquire the order of protection is to submit a motion with the court. The judge reviews your evidence to determine whether or not it is conclusive with the notion that this individual is guilty of domestic violence. It also identifies them as a risk to the victim. After the order is signed by the judge, all prohibited activities result in an arrest and criminal charges.

Victims of domestic violence require the protection of the laws to remain safe from additional harm. Laws in New York which apply to these offenses take the safety of the victim seriously and provide provisions to prevent access to them by their attacker. Whether the individual is a spouse or romantic partner, you have the right to secure protection through legal means to stop any additional efforts on their part. If you were attacked, you should consider Hiring Domestic Violence Attorney by contacting your preferred law practice. Contact Zaloba Edward.

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