The Time to Get a Personal Injury Attorney in Beaver Dam, WI

A man was walking by an industrial site when something on the site exploded, sending sparks and bits of debris into the air. The man didn’t feel anything, so he walked on away, but three months later found out bits of metal had gotten into his eyes, causing injuries to his eyes. At this time, he still has a personal injury lawsuit but must be quick about pursuing the lawsuit before the time runs out. A Personal Injury Attorney in Beaver Dam WI is available to help clients who have suffered personal injuries and want them to understand their rights.

Understanding Personal Injury Law in Wisconsin

Depending on the situation, a person has three years to six years to file a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court in Wisconsin. If the lawsuit is not filed in that time period, any opportunity to have the case heard will be gone and the plaintiff will not be able to be awarded damages. In the case of the man who had the debris fly into his eyes near the industrial site, he has time to file the lawsuit even though he found out about it later.

More about Personal Injury Law in Wisconsin

It should be realized that Wisconsin employs a rule called the comparative fault, which means that if the plaintiff is accused and found guilty of being partially responsible for what happened, the damages awarded will be reduced. Whatever percentage the plaintiff is found to be at fault will be reduced from the damages awarded. In the case of the man at the industrial site, the defendants could argue that he shouldn’t have been in that area, or perhaps there was a caution sign somewhere.

Getting a Personal Injury Law Firm In Wisconsin

Individuals in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin can search the Yellow Pages in the area to find a personal injury law firm. QBS Law S.C. is a law firm in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin and the surrounding area that represents clients with personal injury cases. If a person needs a Personal Injury Attorney in Beaver Dam WI, the law firm is available and offers more information at the website, You can also visit them on Facebook.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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