Thermage In Albuquerque Can Tighten Skin In A Non-Invasive Procedure

Many people who considered to be middle aged or who are approaching middle age have noticed that their faces do not look as young as they used to. The face often shows signs of aging long before other areas of the body. With today’s healthier lifestyles, many people feel young and vigorous many years after their faces begin to show signs of age. When people consider the possibility of getting a face lift, it may seem a bit frightening because it is an invasive procedure, or they simply may not be able to take time off for both the procedure and the recovery period. For people who prefer non-invasive procedures, Thermage Albuquerque treatments may be the answer.

When a person receives a Thermage Albuquerque treatment, they are being treated with RF or radio frequency technology. The top layer of skin, the epidermis, is cooled while the lower layer, the dermis, is heated. The heat is designed to stimulate the formation of new collagen as well as to immediately tighten existing collagen. This effectively tightens the skin and often results in an invigorated or more youthful appearance.

The procedure can be as short as a few minutes or it could last up to an hour depending on the areas of skin that will be treated. Prior to the treatment, a cream containing an anesthetic is topically placed on the skin area to be treated to make the procedure less uncomfortable. This procedure is frequently used to treat wrinkles that are around the eyes. Studies show that results will appear gradually within two to six months, although some results may be seen even sooner while other patients continue to see results gradually improve over time. A single treatment can provide results lasting for approximately six months or more.

One of the side benefits of this procedure is that there is little if any need to stop your regular activities. Most people can return immediately to work or other activities. Occasionally, minimal skin redness may occur, but it usually quickly goes away. Side effects are quite rare, but may include complications related to heat or skin damage. Working with a trained team of specialists that are certified should help to minimize any side effects. People who use a pacemaker or any other electrical device that is implanted should not receive this type of treatment. It is always best to consult your specialist and discuss any major medical issues you may have prior to treatment.

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