Three Innovative Ways to Save or Make Money While Living Off Campus

Living off-campus in apartments walkable to campus at LSU can be a lot of fun, but it’s easy for expenses to creep up since you’re not living in the dorms anymore. Saving money or making a little extra money can help you stick to a budget and grow your savings. The following are some ways that you can save money or make extra money while living off-campus.

Get a Roommate

A roommate can cut your living expenses in half or more. Whether you’re living in official off-campus housing or you’ve found your own off-campus apartment, you’re always going to spend and pay less for expenses when you share them with at least one other person.

Share Subscription Plans

If you share plans like entertainment subscription services or phone plans, you can slice your monthly payments down to an extremely manageable amount. Everything from streaming services to grocery delivery services can be shared, saving you lots of money overall.

Get a Side Hustle

Many people make a tidy sum doing side hustles. If you’re a math major, math tutoring can net you a lot of extra money each month that you can put to your savings. If you have a car and nothing to do, delivering food for restaurant delivery apps can help you make extra cash.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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