Three Reasons to Contact an Auto Accident Injury Lawyer

Most people know they have the option of contacting an auto accident injury lawyer in Towson MD after a car accident, but they may not know how to tell if it’s really necessary or if they should handle everything on their own. There are three main reasons people end up contacting an accident lawyer, and a anyone who is experiencing one of these should contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

When The Accident Is Severe

A person who has been in a severe accident and is recuperating doesn’t have the time or the ability to deal with the insurance agency and ensure they’re getting a fair settlement, So they can contact a lawyer to help them through this time. This is especially important if they foresee having future medical bills and need to ensure all medical bills are going to be covered by the settlement they receive.

When The Insurance Refuses To Pay

In some cases, the insurance company will claim their client did not cause the accident and dismiss the claim without paying compensation. In these cases, the person will want to contact a lawyer to get help proving the other driver was at fault and, therefore, they should be entitled to compensation for their injuries.

When There Is No Insurance

Although everyone is required to have insurance, some people do not obtain insurance or fail to keep it on their vehicle. In other cases, a person may drive a car they don’t own and, as a result, are not covered by insurance. Also sometimes, the car being driven is stolen and, therefore, not covered by insurance. In all of these cases, the person will want to hire a lawyer to help them obtain the compensation they’re entitled to from the person who caused the accident.

Remember, there is a limit on how long the victim has to file a suit so they will want to get started right away to ensure they don’t wait too long and have to pay medical and other bills on their own. For any questions contact a lawyer today, contact The Law Office of Fine, Grzech, Kelly, & MacMeekin, P.A. You can also like them on Facebook.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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