Three Unexpected Services Provided By a Plumber in Westchester County

Unclogging toilets, fixing leaking pipes, and repairing sinks are all typical tasks completed by a plumber. If these issues arise within a home or business, the owner knows to call a plumber to get the job done. Although these may be some of the more common problems plumbers deal with, they are not the only ones. A Plumber in Westchester County handles some unexpected services that people may be unaware of.

Furnace Installation

Plumbers handle repairs and service for some heating systems. One of these services includes the installation of furnaces or other heating elements. Whether an old furnace needs replacing or an entire new system has to be put in, a plumber will get the project accomplished. Plumbers have extensive knowledge of heating units, from typical water heaters to furnaces, boilers, and even radiant heat systems.

Laundry Room Renovations

Homeowners may expect to call a handyman or contractor for any home renovations. While this may be true for most rooms of the house, the laundry room is one area that can be left to a plumber. If a new line needs to be added for the washing machine, or the owner wants it rerouted to a different location, a plumber can accomplish the task. This is also true for the bathroom and kitchen where sinks are needed.

Well Repair

When a well is damaged and needs repair, most owners would think to call a well drilling company. They may know a great deal about wells, but they aren’t the only ones. Plumbers are perfectly capable of handling well repair and even the complete installation of equipment. If a simple fix is necessary or an entire new tank is required, a plumber can do what is needed. To know more click here.

A Plumber in Westchester County is capable of handling much more than one would expect. From well repair to laundry room renovations, and even furnace installation, there are a slew of tasks that plumbers can handle that many homeowners may not realize. Next time one of these tasks needs handling, home and business owners alike should contact Cassidy Plumbing in Westchester County. Their plumbers will assess the amount of work needed and provide a quote before accomplishing whatever job needs doing.

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