Three Ways a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Milwaukee, WI Can Help Alleviate the Process of Obtaining Financial Freedom

When debt is allowed to pile up, it can make a person feel like they are drowning and that there is no easy way out. Rather than stressing how to keep up with payments, many people choose to file for bankruptcy, which allows them to get a clean slate and regain control over their finances. A person can file for bankruptcy on their own, but that can lead to a disastrous outcome and make the process even more complicated. Here is how a lawyer in Milwaukee, WI can help and allow anyone to get the financial freedom they deserve.

Debt Identification

Before a person can file for bankruptcy, they must be able to identify all of the debt they have acquired and determine what items they are filling on. A credit report can be a good start, but an attorney will be able to look through public records to identify outstanding debt that may not be included on a credit report. This will ensure that all of a person’s debt will be covered so they can have a fresh start.

Bankruptcy Filing

Once all of a person’s debtors have been identified, the next step is to file the necessary paperwork with their local court system. Once the filing is registered, it is illegal for debtors to attempt to collect on the debt, which will end harassing phone calls and provide the debtor with instant relief. If they do not complete the paperwork correctly, it can lead to severe delays and prevent a person from being afforded the protections that come from filing for bankruptcy.

Court Appearance

A lawyer in Milwaukee, WI will stand with their client when they have to appear in court. A judge will have the final say over the bankruptcy proceedings, and a person can receive support in determining how to respond to the magistrate from their lawyer. In some cases, the attorney can speak on their client’s behalf. Trying to navigate court proceedings without a lawyer isn’t an advisable practice, as one misstep can cause the bankruptcy to be thrown out of court and force the debtor to start over.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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