Tips Before Going to Your Emergency Dentist in Long Island

When it comes to an Emergency dentist Long Island, many people don’t know that to do when emergencies arise. What you do before you get to the Emergency dentist Long Island can make a big difference in whether or not treatment is available and what type. So here are some common dental emergencies and what to do with them when they arise.

Toothache -; Rinse using warm water. This is going to clean your mouth. Then gently use floss in order to get rid of any type of food in teeth. By no means use aspirin on your gums or your tooth, since this can cause excessive bleeding if you need emergency dental work done and it also could burn your gums. If the pain doesn’t go away, get in touch with a dentist right away.

Knocked out tooth (permanent) -; If a permanent tooth has been knocked out, the best thing to do is keep ti moist. If it’s possible, put it back into the socket but don’t touch its root. If this can’t be done, put it between your gums and cheek or place it in some milk. Then get to the dentist immediately.

Possible broken jaw- If you believe that you have a broken jaw, put a cold compress on it to keep the swelling down. Then go to the hospital ER or your dentist.

Cracked tooth -; If your tooth is cracked, rinse your mouth immediately using warm water so that the area is clean. Place cold compresses onto your face to help with keeping swelling down and get into the dentist as quickly as you can.

These are some of the most common problems that will need the services of an Emergency dentist Long Island. To help yourself avoid these kinds of emergencies, practice good dental hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly and seeing your dentist twice a year. Also wear a mouth guard when you are participating in any sports or if you have a habit of grinding your teeth. This will help you have a much healthier smile and help you avoid some of the common dental emergencies.

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