Tips on Avoiding Hydraulic Cylinder Failure

The invention of the hydraulic cylinder has revolutionized industrial processes and that’s just the beginning. Advances in technology and new innovative designs have helped to improve the way in which they are utilized. Durability and longevity are becoming more of a focus as failures can be expensive. Repairs, replacements and down time can drastically impact a company’s profit margin. Steps can be taken to help improve the life span of hydraulic cylinders as well as decrease the cost associated with equipment break downs and equipment not functioning at peak capacity. Here are a few measures which can help to improve the life of your cylinders.

Precision Designs

Begin with a custom Hydraulic Cylinder which has been properly designed. This includes working with engineers to establish the purpose of the job to be performed, the type of equipment which is used to power the cylinder, the work load, run time and the environment that it will be used in. Poorly designed cylinders may not work properly with the other equipment and which can lead to excessive internal wear. When designed with all of the factors affecting its operation in mind, the cylinder may be designed to avoid some common pitfalls such as being too lightweight for the workload or subject to excessive friction from other moving parts. Hydraulic cylinders are a vital component which must be manufactured to specifications that make it operate smoothly and efficiently for its intended purpose.

Common Issues of Hydraulic Cylinders

Bent rods are a common result when the technical design of the cylinder is not precise. The rod seal is more apt to fail as a great amount of pressure is exerted on the rods. It is therefore essential to ensure the rods meet the specifications required for the tasks of the job. Too much pressure on the bearing area can lead to a warping of the seal, or even to a complete failure. Another issue is when the wall thickness or diameter is not properly suited for the tasks being performed or the size of the work load, the tube has a tendency to balloon, causing poor performance or even complete failure of the cylinder.

Be Wary of the Signs of Hydraulic Cylinder Problems

Periodic maintenance checks for the above listed problems can help to identify them early before they become problematic. Often, it is possible to correct the issues with minor modifications which can help to extend the life of the hydraulic cylinder. In cases where the design is a total mismatch or you think the cylinder has just about run its course, relying upon the expertise of a qualified engineer for advisement can provide workable solutions. For more information about hydraulic cylinder manufacturing, you can consult the professionals available at Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, Inc.



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