Top Reasons to Consult an Attorney After a Job-Related Injury

Anyone that works in the construction industry knows how risky the job can be. From malfunctioning equipment to high-risk falls, there are numerous ways a person can be injured while working on a construction site. While some job-related injuries may be minor such as a pulled muscle that requires the employee to take a few days off work, there are more severe cases that result in the death of a worker. Whether minor or severe, the employee is entitled to compensation for any injuries they suffer from an accident that occurred while working. An attorney in construction accident law can provide the services required when a person has suffered a work-related injury.

Why Retain a Lawyer

  1. They are experts that have a vast amount of knowledge on the state’s labor laws.
  2. An attorney in construction accident field know the specific labor laws that were established to protect employees that work in dangerous work conditions.
  3. A lawyer will know how much compensation the injured worker is entitled to and diligently fight their claim if it is denied by worker’s compensation.
  4. An attorney will investigate the accident and gather all vital evidence to help support their client’s claim.
  5. Employees are entitled to worker’s compensation; however, there may be other entities responsible for the injuries the worker sustains. An attorney can discover these additional parties and file a claim on behalf of the employee for compensation.
  6. They provide the support that their clients require during a critical time during their life.
  7. An attorney is not emotionally invested and can keep the clear head that is required when filing a claim for injuries that were sustained on the job.
  8. They know how to navigate the complex judicial system to ensure the right documents are filed and completed on time to minimize an error being made.

Receive a Free Review of Your Claim

When a person has been injured in a work-related accident, it is important to consult an attorney quickly. This helps preserve evidence and reduces a mistake being made that can jeopardize how much compensation the injured worker is entitled to. At Hecht Kleeger & Damashek, P.C., one of their skilled attorneys will review your claim and determine if you have a legitimate accident case. A lawyer can provide advice on which course of actions are available for your specific case and how they can help you successfully gain a settlement.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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