Types Of Luxury Apartments In Williamsburg Brooklyn

Luxury apartments can mean different things to different people and in reality, there are seven types of residences in Williamsburg Brooklyn apartment choices. These can include townhouses, duplexes, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, loft and penthouses, so it is important to understand the differences to determine what you prefer.


Townhouses typically hold three or four bedrooms and usually have two floors. It is perfect for a single family and offers the amenities found with typical condos. You’ll usually find high ceilings, flexible layouts, the best appliances, his/her closets and beautiful bathrooms. Many times, these options offer better amenities, such as private pools and gardens, along with a private garage and entrance area so that you feel at home.


A duplex offers multiple bedrooms and also offers two floors, though it is usually not two full floors like a townhouse. Interior staircases will allow you to get from the ground floor to the second. They usually offer high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows, along with state-of-the-art appliances, large bathrooms connecting to all bedrooms and ample space for home offices, playrooms or whatever else you desire.

One, Two or Three Bedrooms

Whether you live alone or have a family of three individuals, you may find that the one, two or three bedroom luxury apartments in Williamsburg Brooklyn offer exactly what you need. Many include beautiful views of the Manhattan Bridge or other areas of the city, large living and sleeping areas and a terrace or balcony. You may also find built-in storage and other helpful luxuries.


Lofts are the perfect option for those who enjoy a lot of room. Many lofts are three-bedroom units that offer many living areas, including a dining room and two living rooms. You can turn one into a home office or whatever you prefer. Each bedroom includes its own bathroom, and there is also a guest bathroom for others. The master suite also includes double closets.


For those that want the utmost in luxurious, you will want the penthouse. It is typically two levels and over 5,000 square feet. They usually hold five to six bedrooms, each with their own bathroom. They also offer the best views Manhattan has to offer, pools, terraces, private elevators and a private garage. Everything seems to be larger in a penthouse as the beautiful kitchen offers enough space to cook a meal fit for a king and offers a lot of storage.

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