Types of Warranties for Commercial Roofing in Appleton

A commercial roofing system protects a building’s occupants from weather elements and helps insulate the interior of the building. If you have a commercial building that needs a roof replacement, it’s advisable to learn about the basic forms of warranties along with pivotal warranty provisions. This will help protect your financial interests and satisfy your legal requirement to keep building occupants safe. The three main types of warranties for Commercial Roofing in Appleton are manufacturer’s material warranties, contractor’s workmanship guarantees, and manufacturer’s system warranties.

A manufacturer’s material warranty is offered by the maker of the roofing materials. Material defects are covered but workmanship performed by the roofers is excluded. The coverage of this warranty is limited in range. It must be proven damage to the roofing materials originated from the production of the materials or a limitation to the useful life of the roofing materials. A contractor’s system warranty applies to labor and material defects. This warranty is issued by the producer of the roofing materials. These warranties typically don’t cover roofing materials not manufactured by the issuer of the warranty. A contractor’s workmanship guarantee covers workmanship and materials. This guarantee is good for about 2 to 5 years and is typically the most comprehensive in nature.

A building owner should be aware of important terms and conditions in a warranty before buying a new roof. These provisions should clearly be stated on the warranty. The scope of coverage is the extent to which a warranty covers workmanship and materials. Most commercial roofing warranties don’t have monetary restrictions. These No Dollar Limit coverages are normally preferable to Penal Sum warranties. The determination of warranty applicability is a clause the gives the issuer of the warranty the right to decide whether a repair is needed. Exclusions and nullifications are extremely important. The exclusions are factors or situations not covered under the warranty. Nullifications are events that will make a warranty legally invalid if any of them exist when damage occurs to the roof even if the event does not pertain to the damage.

Reviewing a commercial warranty for Commercial Roofing in Appleton offered by the manufacturer of roofing materials or a roofing contractor will enable you to protect your legal rights and preserve the functionality of your roofing system. For information on roofing services, please Contact Motto & Sons Construction. This company can handle commercial and residential roofing services.


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