Understand The Implications Of Bariatric Surgery

For permanent weight loss, no approach has been proven to be more effective than surgery. This leads many people who have struggled with their weight for years to look on it as a very attractive option. While it certainly does work, and most people who got through it are extremely happy with their choice, it is important that you understand the implications of getting Bariatric Surgery before you start seriously weighing whether you want to head for the operating room.

When you are looking for Bariatric Surgery Fairfield County, you have two major options. A bypass procedure actually cuts into and reattaches your digestive path in a way that causes food to skip over a normal portion of the digestive process. At the same time, the size of your stomach is reduced. The combined effect of these two factors is that you can’t eat as much at a time, and what you do eat provides fewer calories because it does not digest as well. On the other hand, a banding procedure is designed to limit the space in your stomach and how quickly food can move through so that you feel full with less and remain full longer.

Before you go in, you need to realize that there is always a risk when you are getting a surgical procedure that requires anesthesia. Some people do not react well to those drugs, and others may end up with infections. In general, banding is far safer than bypass, but it is also not as effective. Either way, you will not be freed of the need to be careful of what you eat. People who eat too much following Bariatric Surgery can still manage to gain weight and can stretch their stomach pouch to the point where they eliminate much of the benefit of having had the procedure done at all.

Bariatric Surgery Hartford is the single most effective weight loss tool that medicine has. Due to its risks, though, it is only available to people who are significantly overweight, or those who are moderately overweight and have other complications of obesity. Make sure that you fully understand the procedure you choose and its long term implications for your lifestyle before you commit so that you can give yourself the best chance of being successful and happy with the results.

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