Understanding The Full Impact Of Fire Damage In Des Plaines

Fire is certainly one of the things that a homeowner fears. Thankfully, with new sprinkler systems and advanced smoke detection options the chances significant fire damage in Des Plaines can often be greatly reduced.

The most important issue to keep in mind is that fire damage in Des Plaines may impact your home in many different ways, including those that go well beyond the actual physical destruction of the fire itself. As a homeowner being aware of this hidden damage will help you to understand why a general contractor that is working on your home after a fire may make specific repair or replacement recommendations.

Smoke Damage

When there is minimal or major fire damage in Des Plaines the smoke damage can create problems in surrounding areas of the home. Smoke damage includes both the smoke smell, which requires property cleaning or replacement of materials, as well as surface damage.

Depending on what types of materials were burned or smoldered in the fire the soot and ash can be very corrosive and even acidic. This residue of soot can actually damage the surfaces that it touches and cause discoloration.

Often in situations where plastic and other chemicals were burned as part of the fire damage in Des Plaines complete replacement of surrounding flooring, countertops, walls and cabinets may be required to completely eliminate the odor. In other cases the soot can be removed from the surface without the need for a full replacement.

Water Damage

Another issue to consider is the water aspect of fire damage in Des Plaines. Large amounts of water may have been used by the fire department to put out the fire, resulting in water stains and water soaking into carpets, walls and lower areas of the home. Water that is present for long periods of time increases the risk of damage to the materials in the home and can also increase the potential for the development of mold and mildew.

While your insurance will typically cover some or all of the cost of fire damage in Des Plaines, including clean-up and soot and water issues, it does depend on your policy. Working with a fire damage specialist contractor will assist you in getting your claim processed and your home back to a beautiful place to live.

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