Understanding Your Rights As A Property Buyer With A Real Estate Lawyer in Omaha, NE

The primary function of a Real Estate Lawyer in Omaha, NE is to officiate the sale of real estate property and protect the interests of the buyer or seller. These attorneys also prepare titles and other vital documents for clients who are transferring their property into the name of family member. These transfers are also conducted based on the provisions of a will that list a family members as the rightful owner of a given property. If you require the services of a real estate attorney contact Gnuse and Green Law Offices today.

Protecting Your Rights at Closing

During a closing, it is necessary for a real estate attorney to be present throughout these proceedings. A real estate attorney must review all documentation presented in relation to the property. This includes all mortgage, insurance, and title documents related to the property. This review is to ensure that all information in these documents were fully disclosed to the buyer and to protect his or her interests.

Local Real Estate Attorney

Gnuse and Green Law Offices provide legal services related to family, real estate, and business law. These services allow the attorneys to officiate proceedings related to a real estate purchase or sale. In these cases, the attorneys review all of the documents presented during a closing to ensure that the mortgage lender, insurance provider, and the real estate firm have followed the letter of the law. When property is transferred to one family member to another these attorneys establish rightful ownership of the property based on the will. If you require services in real estate, family, or business law contact the Law Offices of Gnuse and Green today.


A Real Estate Lawyer in Omaha, NE protects the rights of sellers and buyers during closings. In a closing, it is necessary that documents follow specific guidelines. These guidelines ensure the truth in lending by the mortgage company and ensures the buyer that the lender is not utilizing any predatory lending practices. The attorney reviews the title or deed to the property to ensure that the seller is the rightful owner and as such as the right to sell the property. This attorney reviews all documents before the closing is concluded to protect the interests of all parties involved.

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