Using A Ticks Control Service in Middletown NJ To Keep Pets Pest-Free

When a dog or cat gets a flea on their skin, it can easily blow up into a big size from feasting on the animal’s blood. Unfortunately, ticks can carry disease, and if they get into the home in the fur of a pet, they can easily crawl off and become a threat to humans. If a human is bitten by a tick, they are at risk of lime disease, which has several unfavorable systems.

Using a Ticks control service in Middletown NJ can be a big help in keeping ticks out of the home. The service will come to the home to do a complete evaluation of the lay of the land outdoors. They will be able to give recommendations about how to keep certain plants and grasses cut at a low level, keeping ticks away from the yard. Using deterrents to keep wildlife out of the yard can be one method of control that will keep ticks away as well.

A tick control service would spray the yard with appropriate pesticides to help keep ticks at bay. This along with natural methods can help keep pets pest-free. Limit the area where a dog plays outdoors to a fenced in a spot that has been treated with the pesticide to eliminate the threat of ticks. When taking walks, use a leash so the dog does not run into wooded areas where ticks may be present. Always take the time to spot check a pets fur after it has been outdoors for any amount of time. There are some topical flea treatments that double as tick repellents as well. These can be applied every month to keep ticks from wanting to use the pet as a host. They are placed between the pet’s shoulder blades so they cannot lick at the chemicals after it is applied.

If someone has further questions about using a Ticks control service in Middletown NJ, they can give a call to a pest control service in the area. They can also Visit the website of a tick control service. This would allow the person to make an appointment to treat their yard.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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