Using An Ice Cube Wholesale in Long Island, NY When Hosting An Outdoor Event

When someone plans to have a food booth present at a local fair for several weeks, they will want to take the necessary steps in keeping the food selection they have available for sale safe from possible spoilage. There are several steps the food booth can take to ensure their food will be prime for consumption by those who stop by to make a purchase. Here are some tips to use to keep food fresh throughout the event.

Make Sure Food Is Kept On Ice

Food that is waiting to be prepared will need to be kept cool. If the fair is being held during a warmer time of the year, it will be even more important to check on the ice used to cool food to make sure it does not melt prematurely. Keeping additional cubes on hand is best so the ice can be added to coolers when necessary. Purchasing ice through an ice cube wholesale in Long Island, NY will be helpful in keeping costs down as the cubes can be bought in bulk. Some companies will also make emergency ice cube deliveries if necessary.

Place Food In Proper Storage Containers

It is important to have several containers with lids available for food that will be served. This will ensure any leftovers will not cross-contaminate other foods and will keep the food safe from debris and insects as well. Smaller containers can be placed on ice in a cooler or refrigerator kept behind the counter.

Keep Food In A Shaded Area

Prepared foods will need to be kept in an area out of direct sunlight so they are not at risk for excessive temperatures. It is best to have an awning attached to the food booth if items are to be kept on the counter for guests to select from. It is also a good idea to have shades if the booth has open areas that can allow sunlight to get inside of the area.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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