Utilities and working principles of Electric Heating Systems

An electric heating system (electrical appliance) is a device which converts electrical energy into heat. This heating system can be utilized in various ways like heating a particular area, for cooking purposes, heating of water, and also for different industrial processes. The only heating component of this electrical heating device is the electric resistor. This device usually works on the theory of joule heating (when certain amounts of electricity pass through the resistors which convert electrical energy into heat energy. The latest electric heating appliances use a specialized wire made up of nichrome which is the main element of this device.

There are different kinds of electric heating systems which are discussed below:
1. Space heating – This type of electrical heating device is generally used for heating the inner part of buildings.
Various methods of space heating are:
a. Heaters (Radiative) – These electric heating systems come with a heating element which usually reaches a high temperature. This heating appliance works on the principle of infrared radiation which generally travels a distance between air and space until it reaches to the absorbing surface.
b. Heaters (Convection) – This type of heating system works on the principle of thermal conduction.
c. Fan heaters – This type of heating method can be done with an electrically operated fan and works on the method of forced convection heating.
d. Storage heaters – These electrical heating systems offer a cost effective approach as they require a minimum amount of energy / electricity for its proper functionality. This type of heater stores heat on clay bricks and releases the heat when required during the day time.
e. Heating with the help of a radiator commonly known as heating system (radiant).
f. Heating with the lighting system – Waste heat from fluorescent light is absorbed which is later used for heating.

2. Heating with water – These electrical heating systems perform with the help of electricity. When a heating element is immersed in water with direct contact, it results in heating and is commonly known as the immersion method.

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