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It seems your heating and/or cooling system breaks down at the time of most inconvenience. The heat wants to cut off just when temperatures outside are below freezing. The air conditioning wants to suddenly not work when the sun is beaming 100 degree plus temperatures. Never despair, there is always help available in the HVAC to repair or replace your unit. If you are in Wisconsin, Heiden Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, who are Waukesha WI Plumbers offer 24 hour emergency service. They want to offer some tips for you about your HVAC unit.

* One of the more common problems with HVAC units is a dirty air filter. Dirty and clogged filters will significantly hamper the ability of the unit to work efficiently.

* If one of your rooms appear to not be cooling or heating as usual, another possible problem is with the ductwork. Check for simple things such as floor ductwork that might be obstructed by curtains and/or furniture.

* It may be that you have trouble with the condenser airflow. You will have to go outside to do this check, checking for clinging vines around the area or any foreign objects that may have gotten in the way of the fan.

* One final thing you might check is the tension on the blower belt. Of course, if the belt is too tight or too loose, performance will be inhibited. As a precaution, ensure to disconnect all power to the unit and fan before doing this.

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