What Are the Benefits of Mobile Frack Water Treatment Services in Colorado?

The fracking industry continues to expand in order to provide fuel solutions for a busy global economy that relies on the industry to keep it running. But with the expansion of fracking, many companies seek new ways to both save money and increase reduce negative environmental impact. A major way to achieve these goals is to increase the reuse of frac flowback water. Mobile frac water treatment services are able to assist your company with this goal.

Handle TSS

One of the most important services that a frac water mobile treatment facility can offer is the removal of suspended solids (TSS). The removal of TSS must be done in order for your company to be able to use any flowback frac water for any reason. If you do not remove the TSS from the frac water, the solids can end up ruining the frac performance by plugging up the fractures.

Save Your Company Money With Mobile Water Treatment

There are many hydraulic fracturing water treated. However, many of these methods can be very expensive for your company, because the water must be moved from the site of extraction to the site of treatment. The site will then charge you for the multiple types of chemicals that must be used to treat the water. A mobile water treatment service saves you money by performing all of the following frac water treatment services at your site:

  • Removal of suspended solids
  • Disinfectant
  • Removal of ions

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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