What Is An Endodontist?

Endodontists are dentists who specialize in working on the tissue and pulp that surrounds the root of the tooth. If your regular dentist finds that you have a tooth that has died or that the tissue surrounding the root of your tooth is infected or inflamed, he or she may recommend you see a specialist for endodontics in Lusby, MD.

An endodontist performs procedures dealing with the tooth root and the pulp of the tooth. Root canals are one of the more common procedures that an endodontist does. Even though your regular family dentist can do a root canal, it is sometimes recommended to see a specialist who has more experience in root canals and issues involving the root of your tooth.

During a root canal, the endodontist will remove the pulp from the tooth by drilling it out. The pulp is the connective tissue and cells that are in the center of the tooth. When that is drilled out, the endodontist will fill the tooth with a filler. Then he will cover the tooth with a crown. The crown is made of porcelain and can be made to look and feel like your original tooth.

Another issue that can be addressed by someone who specializes in endodontics In Lusby, MD is cracked teeth. A cracked tooth can occur for many reasons. Sometimes medication can cause bones to soften, therefore causing a tooth to crack. Poor nutrition can also be the cause of bone softening and cracked teeth. If you are healthy and have a cracked tooth, it may be caused by biting down on something hard and causing the enamel to become damaged. An endodontist can treat the cracked tooth with a root canal and a crown or possibly another type of procedure to stabilize the tooth.

If you have had trauma to your teeth such as an accident or assault, an endodontist would be the type of expert to see.

Only an endodontist will have the tools and materials to be able to repair the teeth.

If your dentist feels you will benefit from endodontics in Lusby, MD, they will usually recommend a few for you to call. It’s important to not put off issues dealing with the root and pulp of the tooth. Ignoring problems will just cause your tissues surrounding the tooth to become inflamed and infected causing a lot of pain. It’s best to make an appointment with an endodontist as soon as possible.

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