What To Consider When Looking At Utility Billing Services

If you are at the point where you are considering utility billing services, it is important you look at what is available. Consider the companies offering the services. Since it is an outsourced service, you do need to carefully deliberate about each provider. Make certain they offer what you need to make the process of billing your tenants easier for you.

Make Sure you Know What you Are Looking For

In an industry where billing services have been late providing bills, inaccurate and offer poor customer service, it is important that you recognize what characteristics indicate the billing service is a great one. You need to look for companies that:

Have a solid record in the business – Talk to other clients about their utility biling services and how it rates

Offer options – Do they only provide one system of service? Can they provide you with meter reading or any other singular service or do they do only billing? Are they willing to work with you to design and then install a system that is suitable to your demands and those of your tenants?

Are responsive – This means not only to your requests, but also in the case of responses to any of your tenants. In other words, what kind or quality of customer service does the company offer? Do they reply promptly and politely to questions made by tenants?

Are efficient in their work – Bill on time and accurately, respond quickly and without undue reminders and save you and your tenants on their utility bills

Supply you with report – While they may bill tenants directly, you need to know exactly what is going on in your buildings. They should be able to provide you with regular reports on their equipment, installations, billing processes, changes in technology and anything they do concerned with the billing of your properties

Legalities and regulations – It is important to know that the providers of utility billing services you research are all following the regulations and legal obligations of the state and/or city in which your properties reside. They must know what and what is not acceptable concerning their operations in the municipality, state or county

Technology – Be more than a little aware of what technology each management service is offering. Make sure they offer you options. Do you want sub metering? What about Smart Meters? If they offer you choices, make certain the ones they insist are suitable are a good fit for your properties.
How to Choose the Right Utility Billing Services

If you have one or more properties with multiple tenants, you may find it easier and less stressful, to hire someone to manage the utilities. If you are looking for a suitable match, make sure you thoroughly check out their qualifications to see if they fulfill your demands. Only through safe screening of the various utility billing services currently available, will you be able to arrive at one that meets your company and tenant’s requirements and needs.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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