What To Do Until You See An Emergency Dentist in Chaska

Most people schedule regular dental visits as they should each year; however, a dental emergency is a completely different story. When you have a dental emergency you need to act fast and find the most convenient Emergency Dentist in Chaska. Since most people won’t be able to see a dentist immediately it’s important to know what to do during these emergencies.

Let’s say you have a tooth that’s been knocked out; if this happens to you, remain calm and don’t panic. There are a couple of things you can do in these types of situations: You can retrieve the tooth, lightly clean it with water, and reinsert it back into place, or you can take it to a dentist and have them do this for you. If you choose to see an Emergency Dentist in Chaska, place the tooth in a small cup of milk for the time being – the milk will help preserve the tooth for up to 30 minutes or more.


A chipped tooth is nothing you should panic over either. Although some people are okay with having a chipped or broken tooth, others would prefer to have this problem fixed. If you chip your tooth, retrieve the chipped piece and save it until you see an Emergency Dentist in Chaska. Unlike a tooth that has been completely removed, a chipped tooth doesn’t necessarily require immediate attention. However, make sure you watch what you eat and avoid chipping the tooth again before seeing a dentist.

Toothaches are a very common occurrence as well. Often times a toothache is caused by a decaying tooth or an oral disease. These problems can cause the nerves in your mouth to become very sensitive and can even cause parts of your mouth to throb uncontrollably. This can be excruciating pain to deal with. Until you see an Emergency Dentist in Chaska try placing a cold rag or ice pack on the outside of your mouth.

Use these tips if you ever find yourself with a dental emergency. Again, a knocked out tooth needs to be reinserted as quickly as possible by you or your dentist. If you chip a tooth, retrieve the chipped piece and visit a dentist to have it reattached. Lastly, use an ice pack in order to relieve a severe toothache.

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